The 6 User Personas


Micro-Learning Courses (MLCs) are designed for busy people to upskill 10 mins a day, anytime, anywhere on their smartphones. Here's introducing the 6 Gnowbe Learn™ users, Asia special! We have identified six users who will benefit from taking an MLC. Do you fall into these categories?


Recruit Jin Hui
Serving National Service

‘Stuck in camp’ will no longer be an excuse for you not to pursue an education. While you are still serving the nation, get a head start and start finding your ideal course and career options.

Want to be your boss? Learn the legal and financial aspects of starting your own business in the Basics of Successful Entrepreneurship.

Think you might be a techie? Explore the hottest and most wanted jobs of the century, cybersecurity and ease your way into the industry. Or maybe you're looking to pursue a  Specialist Diploma in Hotel Operations & Management. Start learning these three courses to exempt you from a module in the diploma course. So many options to try out on your smartphone!


School Dropout Beng Hui


Are you a school dropout? Or didn't score enough points to get into your dream diploma course? Who cares! Here’s a way to ease your way back into school. You might think you need to be a scholar to be successful in life. That's a myth. Don’t let bad grades put you down. The world is looking for individuals who are street-smart and equipped with 21st-century skills.

Such courses include Planning Power-Packed Presentations, Customer Service Suite, Sales 101 Suite and many more. Your future employers want to see business impact. Show them you are ready to stay competitive. Get certified in courses that will enable you to be an impact in the workplace!


Career Switch Makcik

Think it’s too late to switch careers? Think again. Many of us have looked at someone pursuing their dream career and envied their life. You think to yourself, “ Is this going to be my life, forever? What am I doing with my life? Do I want to continue my mundane lifestyle?”. We've always wanted to switch careers but, we never had the courage.

We feel afraid to quit our jobs to pursue full-time studies. We might think we're too old, or might not have the financial means to do so. These Micro-Learning Courses (MLCs) were created to help you ease your way into your dream career. Completing an accredited suite will help fast track your diploma at Temasek Polytechnic, enabling you to graduate quicker and at a lower cost.



Peter Lim
Promotion Seeker


Looking for that long-awaited promotion, but don’t seem to be getting it? Are fresh graduates stealing your limelight? Are your work experiences failing to impress your managers?  

Well, it’s time for an upgrade! Your employers want to see proof that you are relevant. Show them you are upgrading yourself constantly. Take courses that will empower you with learnings, guaranteed to impress them during reviews. Contribute strategies designed for the future and not the stone age.

We recommend you to take these courses that will impact the Smart Nation: ABC of Agile & Design Thinking 1.0.  


Side Hustler

Wife, daughter, mother of 3, home business owner. It’s no easy job, and we salute you. The question is, how do we make sure you are earning the income you deserve?  You need to be equipped with the right business skills to help your side business succeed.

Learn how to position your product and make wise decisions to get the best out of the market. With such skills, you can make the most out of your business, earn an excellent sustainable passive income and give your family the best life yet. Explore courses like Introduction to Social Media Analytics, and complement it with the Basics of Successful Entrepreneurship & 12 Essentials of Digital Marketing. 



Pioneer Gen


Too old for school? No such thing! For those who refuse to attend school, we have brought the classroom to you, through mobile. With over 60 courses to choose from, Gnowbe Learn™ allows you to develop and empower yourself with life skills anytime, anywhere and earn an accredited digital certificate! You can enjoy a drink at your local coffee shop and study a thing or two at the same time! 


Know More. Grow More. Be More.

It takes less than 10 mins a day to learn a new skill!

R Deborah