What is Mobile, Microlearning?


Ever been roped into buying an online course after seeing one of those “outrageously” insane sales you can’t seem to miss. Only to realize, you still have not had the time to start learning. Fast forward three months, your course is still sitting in your browser. Well, true story. 

The reality is, we are all busy. Too busy to learn the things essential for us to stay relevant. Learning specialists are beginning to understand that adults are just not able to set aside time to learn. 


Thanks to science and technology, times have changed, and we can now access education from our phones. This new way of learning is called mobile, micro-learning. So what exactly is mobile, micro-learning? How does it work? Why combine the two? You might have heard of mobile-learning before and thought it was a weird concept. “Are we educating people on how the smartphone works?” Well, fortunately, there are instructional menus for that.


Here's a more technical definition for you. Mobile, micro-learning is the delivery of engaging, bite-sized content on smartphones that meet the modern learner's needs. Mobile, micro-learning makes learning more relaxed and more fun for learners to form new habits that will impact their performance. To learn more about the neuroscience behind mobile,micro-learning, click here. 


So why mobile? 

Well, it's proven time and time again in studies and research of human behavior that we are overly attached to our phones. We go to our beds and even to the bathroom with it.  According to research, a typical cell phone user touches his or her mobile phone 2,617 times daily. Isn't that insane? I don't ever think we've touched something or someone we love that many times.  


Mobile, micro-learning is designed to fit our lifestyle. With over 4.4 billion smartphone users worldwide, wouldn't the mobile be the most ideal device to communicate these critical learnings that will impact our quality of life? 

Let's start reimagining how we consume content. Let's focus on optimizing our time on things that would elevate us all. With the accessibility of education in our pockets, we no longer need to be constraint by time. We can start learning and equipping ourselves with skills necessary for our jobs. Mobile, micro-learning closes that gap and empowers us to develop ourselves anytime anywhere with no excuse. Try it for yourself!

Want to improve yourself and show the world who's boss? Pick a course in our library and start learning on mobile today! Click me. 


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