Why Learning on Gnowbe is Different? 


Do you hear that? Do you feel the constant vibrations from your back pocket? The static coming from your hands? The lack of sound from the mobile phone held before you? We carry power in the world of social media. It has affected lives, shaped the future, imprinted on events, empowered movements, throughout the globe.

Shall we take it to new heights? Get hyped in the modern age of mobile,  micro-Learning. Start using social activities that you crave to learn something new for once in your life.

You in? Great! So, why is learning on Gnowbe so different? What makes it so darn special? How does Gnowbe trump all of the social platforms that we go through every day? 


"Having learned, how and for what
should we use what we know?"

You learn. Every minute of the day. From the conversation you have with your barista while waiting for that caffeine buzz, to your daily commute home, reflecting on the day and your life. In every reflection, in every thought, and in each idea you've worked on, you learn constantly.

What’s next? So you learn, you reflect. Now you can apply your newfound little bits of knowledge into the next day, each day, every day. Keep improving yourself. Always reach a new level of 'you.' The philosophy of Learn-Think-Appy, allows you to want to choose to be better.

Learn-Think-Apply-Share is a concept you’ve done millions of times subconsciously. You need that little push to apply it in your life. Gamification elements in Gnowbe such as rewards, notifications, and leaderboards drives your need to reach a new goal and go even further.


"Learn from the mistakes of others, you can never
make them all yourself in time."

Now that you’re aware that you’re learning, time to share that knowledge and to learn from others. Just like any social media platforms, Gnowbe can share words of wisdom, funny photos, and quirky videos. Based on community-driven peer-to-peer learning, you will share your learning journey, like others’, and comment words of encouragement or ignite a ‘heated’ discussion with other learners, who knows? The possibilities are endless with this awesome community! 

With similar social media capabilities, you’ll learn so much more than what the content has to offer. Gain different insights, point of views and thought process shared by your peers. 

The fantastic thing about being human is that each of us perceives things differently. Imagine how much you could absorb amidst your fellow learners that could come from anywhere in the world. Learn about a new culture in the process, why not?

Your sharing is the limit of your knowledge.


"In today's modern world, people are either asleep or connected."

Gnowbe was designed for mobile first. There’s a massive difference between mobile first and mobile responsive. But when something is not intended for mobile first, it has a completely different user experience. 


Why is that very different? We touch our phones over 3000 times a day! Can you believe it? So if you were to take on the learning experience on mobile first, you would be able to chat, take selfies and shoot videos.

Imagine being anywhere at any time, able to always learn on-the-go, with access to all the features a mobile phone has to offer. Using those to learn, interact and share. We’re always connected whether we like it or not, with hundreds of social apps in the store and more incoming.

By leveraging the social aspects of today’s world, Gnowbe enhances the learning experience even more. It makes you feel like you’re in a lecture hall or at a seminar, learning together from anywhere in the world at any time.


"Appealing to the modern learner is key to increase knowledge retention"

While its all fun and games, how do you retain a massive amount of content and ideas from your peers and courses you take on? At Gnowbe, with micro-learning, learning is bite-sized and frequent. Like all good things, take it in stride and enjoy the experience, again and again.

Micro-learning is for the modern, mobile and busy learner. It has become as popular as takeaway meals, frozen pizzas and bike-sharing in our modern lifestyle.


It fits into your busy schedule and is available whenever and wherever you need it. You control what and when you’re learning. Feel empowered, engaged and motivated to learn at your own pace. Don’t feel like you’re competing, just like in life. The pace is what makes you unique, learn at your own time, your own pace, your method and reach your own goals. Nobody can tell you any different.

Know More. Grow More. Be More.

It takes less than 10 mins a day to learn a new skill!

Gnowbe, Inc.