• A Micro-Learning Course is a self-paced digital course aimed at helping learners upskill and develop knowledge in a specific topic.

    The course is delivered in bite-sized sessions (no more than 10-15 mins) on a mobile app and is highly interactive, leading learners to think, reflect, practice and share their learnings in a global peer learning community. This course format is scientifically proven to increase knowledge retention rates in adult learners.

    Gnowbe’s MLCs are designed for on-the-go learning on mobile devices, both online and offline. You can also access the course contents on computers on our web-based platform.

  • With the changes in demand of required skill-sets in the 21st-century workplace, everyone has to embrace lifelong learning to stay relevant. Gnowbe’s mobile and micro-learning format enables you to upskill anytime and anywhere you have pockets of free time such as while commuting or during break times.

    The Gnowbe app integrates text, quizzes and reflections, and combines social media-like interaction with its learning. This approach has shown a tenfold increase in engagement compared to other e-learning platforms and is scientifically proven to improve knowledge retention.

  • MLCs are optimized for mobile delivery, so you can expect to learn on your mobile phone anytime you have a free 10 minutes window in your day.

    Each MLC typically has 10-25 sessions, with the course content delivered through a variety of multimedia formats - text, videos, images, open-ended questions and multiple-choice questions. You will be challenged to constantly think and apply the knowledge that you have learned during each session. You will also have the opportunity to share and learn from peers taking the same course.

  • The length varies for each individual course. Each MLC typically has 10-25 sessions and takes about 3-5 hours of in-app activity time to complete.

  • Most online courses are designed for desktop video-based learning. Gnowbe’s MLCs are designed primarily for mobile learning. The lessons are short, 10 minutes on average, and are learnt by completing multimedia learning actions. It also works offline by downloading the sessions on your mobile or tablet device.

  • Anyone who is looking to upskill or gain knowledge improve their employability, job performance or personal capabilities. Each course caters to a different level of learner - beginner, intermediate or advance. This information can be found in course description.

  • There is no grading requirement for completion. You will need to complete at least 80% of the course to receive a Certificate of Completion.

    You will receive a digital certificate accredited by the relevant course curator. You can add this certificate to your LinkedIn profile and also include it in your CV.

  • You will receive a digital certificate of completion accredited by the relevant course curator. You can add this certificate to your LinkedIn profile and also include it in your CV.

  • Learning on Gnowbe works best if you learn for 10 mins everyday. However there is no stipulated time frame for completing a MLC. Every MLC is accessible for a period of 1 year upon purchase so learners can complete the MLCs at their own pace within 1 year. However, you may sometimes receive gentle reminder notifications via app and email to encourage you to complete your MLC.

  • Gnowbe’s MLC is optimized for mobile learning but syncs across devices. Users who like to learn other devices can access their Gnowbe MLCs on laptop, desktop and iPad. Download Google Chrome and go to to start learning!

  • You can learn offline on the Gnowbe app by downloading the course on your device. In the Gnowbe app, click the session button on the top right. Scroll to the bottom, and switch on the ‘Download’ button. The course content download will take a few minutes and you will be able to access it offline anytime, anywhere.

  • At Gnowbe we take data privacy very seriously and hence your private data is always protected. Find out more about Gnowbe’s privacy policy page here.

  • You can access to all courses you have purchased for a one-year period on the Gnowbe app.

  • We only issue e-certificates at the moment. Once you complete the course, you will be provided with a link to view your certificate.

  • On the Certificate of Completion Session in your course, you will see a button to put your e-Certificate on LinkedIn.


Purchase and Registration Process

  • Buying an MLC is an easy 5-step process:

    1. Find a course of your choice in the Gnowbe Learn Library and click ‘Buy Now’.
    2. Enter a promo code (if you have one) and click ‘Apply Code’. The price on the page will adjust according to the promotion.
    3. Enter your Debit or Credit Card details and click the ‘Buy’ Button to complete the payment process.
    4. You will be directed to a Sign Up page to register for a Gnowbe Account. Enter a frequently used email account and password of your choice. Click ‘Go’ and enter your Personal Details.
    5. Click ‘Next’ and you will be directed to a page that prompts you to download the Gnowbe App from the Google Play store (Android users) or App Store (iOS users).

    Ta-da! You have successfully purchased your MLC and registered yourself on Gnowbe. Go forth and begin your learning journey with Gnowbe.

  • On the payment page for the MLC, enter your promo code and click ‘Apply Code’. The price on the page will adjust according to the promotion.

  • Each promo code has specific parameters, some promo codes can only be used for first-time users or within the promotional period. In case of issues, please email to check the validity of your promo code.


Redeem with SkillsFuture

  • For courses that are eligible for SkillsFuture, you will see a ‘Buy with SkillsFuture’ link on the individual course page. Click on the link and you will be directed to a page with a Personal Details form to fill out. Afterwards, select the courses you would like to buy with your SkillsFuture credits.

    Please complete the form and click on "Submit" to register for the course.

    You will receive a confirmation email in your mailbox. Save a screenshot of the confirmation email as an image file.

    To submit your SkillsFuture Credit claim, go to

    You can download a step-by-step guide to learn how to submit your claim here

    Our payment processes require you to claim for full course fees using SkillsFuture Credit. Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your SkillsFuture Credit account to pay the course fee.

    *Please indicate your Micro-Learning Course start date as the date of your SkillsFuture Credit claim submission.

    You will be notified to start your course within 5-8 working days, upon the successful claim of your SkillsFuture Credit.

  • You will only see your courses in the Gnowbe App after you have successfully claimed your SkillsFuture Credits (this will take approx 5-8 working days). Follow the steps to make your claim here. We will send you an email and guide you through the registration process after your claim is approved.

    If you have received our email notification but still cannot find your course in the Gnowbe app, please contact

  • Each claim process is expected to take up to 5-8 working days after submission is made on the SkillsFuture Portal.

  • We will require you to have sufficient SkillsFuture Credits in your SkillsFuture account in order to make a successful claim. Check your SkillsFuture account balance here.


Temasek Polytechnic’s MLCs

  • Gnowbe has partnered with Temasek Polytechnic to curate and deliver a library of Micro-Learning Courses to learners worldwide. The course content is created by Temasek Polytechnic lecturers and each course is like a single module within TP’s diploma or post-diploma programs.

    The TP MLCs falls into two categories: Standalone certificate courses, and accredited suite courses, which give credits for the full or partial exemption for modules in TP’s diploma or post-diploma programs.

  • There are currently 19 Accredited Suite Courses leading to accreditation in Temasek Polytechnic's diploma or post-diploma programs. Details of the accreditation benefits can be found in the individual MLC Suite Courses.

  • Participants who have completed the Accredited Suite Courses leading to full module exemptions may enjoy up to one full module exemption (upon successful admission into the relevant diploma or post-diploma program offered by Temasek Polytechnic). Please note that this will take effect from AY2018/19 Oct semester onwards.

    For example, if you have completed the MICE Management Suite Courses, you will be eligible to apply for the Specialist Diploma in Hotel Operations & Management offered by Temasek Polytechnic. Upon successful admission, you may enjoy a full exemption for the MICE Management module that is offered in the program.

    For more information, please find out more on TP’s website here.

  • Please find out more on TP’s website here.


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