How Microlearning is like Sushi


Sushi represents a diverse and individually crafted meal. The exquisite acidity levels of the rice, a hint of vinegar that is sour but welcoming, the smooth and supple feel of the seafood. It’s almost as if the delicacy dissolves in your mouth.

Gnowbe’s courses are designed like sushi, using the innovative concept of micro-learning to engage learners better with material. Micro-learning handles relatively small learning units and short-term learning activities. Varied are the actions available to the learner, from MCQs to videos to snapping a photo. Rather than a whole bowl of rice, Gnowbe offers a plethora of sushi for learners to better appreciate and fully absorb the material they’re learning.

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Take Control of Your Learning

Gnowbe encourages users to take control of their own learning, through reflecting, answering questions, and asking their own questions. Its participatory elements allow a learner to better process what they learn, and thus achieve better mastery of the topic at hand as compared to the outcomes of a traditional learning environment.

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In this way, a learner doesn’t have to chew and struggle with the material like a well-done steak as hard and unforgiving. Rather, material melts like sushi in a learner’s mouth, while keeping them enticed for more.

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