Why Mobile is the way to go in Sales Training

Let’s face it — traditional forms of sales training are boring. And ineffective.

Training managers would know that training sales employees is tough. In the world today where information is constantly changing, one of the most important responsibilities of a salesperson would be to constantly be aware of changes made to the product, the company they are representing, and its economic landscape. These are heaps of information that are updated by the minute and having one training a year just isn’t enough.

It doesn’t help that most bigger companies are geographically dispersed too. It is near impossible to have information spread down the chain of command without time lags and misappropriated information.

Just as information is being changed quickly, new staff are being onboarded faster than ever. One of the rudimentary goals of a company would be to keep processes lean. Instead of having training managers, mobile training would be a more efficient way to onboard employees with the least time and resources.

Companies and individuals alike have been tapping on the convenience and cost savings of training towards mobile learning apps. Here is why you should too.


Learning beyond borders

Let’s say you’re a big company, with thousands of salespeople under you. It is near impossible to have them all gathered in one place just to attend the sales training they require. What you need is to have a training program that transcends beyond the boundaries of time and space. One that anyone can access any time, at any place. As much as we like to discredit the internet for perpetuating a lack of personal touch, it is an amazing platform that has made the limitations of time and space a thing of the past. Moving your sales training online makes it easy to onboard new employees with the pre-curated training program and it also allows for current employees to constantly refer back to the training (because c’mon...who could possibly memorise all that information?) and be kept in the loop should any changes be made.


Saves you time and money

Training salespeople can be a difficult task as there are so many diverse situations that a new salesperson may go through; it is impossible to train each and every salesperson separately as every individual is unique. Furthermore, a common problem amongst all training managers is the lack of time — there is only so much a training manager can do! Hence, to help minimise resources as well as the time investment for the manager, the sales training process should be automated as much as possible, and this can be done through mobile learning programmes.
At Gnowbe, our e-learning courses are curated such that sales training becomes on-the-go, and there is no longer an excuse for any employee to miss out on a training session. Not only does mobile learning for sales training save time and money, it also increases efficiency in sales training.


Interactive and engaging

One of the biggest pitfalls of traditional training has got to be the monotone teaching bouncing off uninspiring decks of powerpoint slides. Before mobile learning, we thought class participation and group discussions were the best we could do to get our learners engaged. What if I told you there is so much more you could do on mobile? Each training programme allows you to add actions such as reflections, quizzes, quotes and videos in between the sessions so that you could keep you learners’ interest high throughout the program. What’s more, learners are encouraged to share their responses in a group where they can comment on each others’ posts. This allows for everyone to learn from the observations of one another.


Track learner’s performance

Programme curators can keep track of the reflections and scores of the learners to get a better understanding of their learning. Learners’ engagement in a program can be tracked by looking at how far into a program the learner has gone, their responses and how they performed in quizzes. These information will all be reflected in a dashboard that is updated in real time. Gone are the days where trainers worry about the unparticipative bunch who sits at the back of the classroom. How amazing is going digital, right?

The new age of technology calls for a new generation of learning. At Gnowbe, we understand your training needs and what your employees like. We marry quality content with awesome user experience. To find out more, sign up to try our basic curator courses today-- for free. Trust us, this is the training tool you never knew you needed.

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