Technology: Nothing but a Tool

Technology is increasingly used in everyday life, even by children. A typical secondary school essay question on technology would ask, “Is technology a boon or a bane?” Well, the short answer to that question is that it depends - but what upon?

Technology can be likened to a mirror. Whether it is a boon or a bane would depend on the user and how they decide to use technology. Technology is merely a tool, or a portal of access to an array of possibilities, that is manipulated entirely up to the user. Someone can choose to use technology to play video games and binge watch Netflix series, but can also use it to take courses online and gain more skills, or stay updated on current affairs through news channels.

Use Gnowbe for easy mobile access to our library of courses.

Use Gnowbe for easy mobile access to our library of courses.

In the novel “The Portrait of Dorian Gray”, Oscar Wilde conjured a story of a person who had a magical portrait that reflected the state of his spirituality. Dorian Gray lived a sinful life while looking young and beautiful on the outside, but the portrait hidden away in his room grows more distorted and hideous, almost unrecognisable.

Imagine you have a portrait like that at home which would reflect the way you use technology - what would it look like? Would it be a healthy balance between entertainment and enrichment, or a disfigured skew towards the mindless consumption of media?

Gnowbe can be the balance you need by gradually occupying pockets of your free time with useful content. Rather than sit on a bus and burn your data by scrolling through story updates on Instagram, you can opt for a 10-minute course in your areas of interest to develop skills and knowledge. With the quick and convenient mobile solution, learning has never been more seamlessly incorporated into daily life.

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