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Gnowbe helps you onboard, develop and train your global sales team at speed at scale with microlearning. Built on transformative learning theory and the science of adult learning and content engagement, Gnowbe’s bite-sized sessions uses principles of gamification to keep learning fun and impactful in every lesson.

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Awesome Analytics. Supreme Insights.

With Gnowbe, you can now integrate your learners’ data with your learning management system and get real-time insights on ROI of training impact from learner analytics. An in-built analytics dashboard that reflects each learner’s journey in real-time, tracks progress through KPIs such as engagement and confidence level.

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Gnowbe Learn™ for Teams is an enterprise solution so powerful that teams from top tiered organizations are witnessing a shocking shift in performance-based learning — empowering confidence to not just your teams’ performance but also your need to prove ROI for your training program. Gnowbe’s incredible mobile platform seamlessly integrates with your existing LMS like SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle and brings in a productivity boost unlike anything you’ve imagined.

  • On-demand access to course collection on any device
  • Customization of courses option available
  • Seamless user management within seconds
  • Intelligent analytics reported in real-time
  • Includes 24/7 support and dedicated client success team
  • Single sign-on, APIs, whitelabling options available
  • Integrate with HRMS, HMS, LMS, productivity tools, CRM And internal platform
  • Data Encrypted and GDPR-Compliant

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See the results and impact of Navitas's scaled sales training across 9 countries using a customized version of "Sales 101"

"Now we have a really robust deployment and tracking mechanism for training. It’s already driving a lot of very positive conversations among executive management.”

"The sales and marketing teams really like it. Managers also really like the dashboards and the ease of use. In a couple of clicks, they can see what's going on with their teams."

Aubrey Rogers
Navitas Head of the Sales and Marketing Academy


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