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Visualising Stock Correlation Network with Gephi

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  • 2 Micro-Learning Sessions
  • 89 min. of Experiential Content
  • 69 Learning Actions
  • Group Discussions & Sharing
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If you are a beginner to stock trading, this guide serves as a good start for you to design your stock portfolio. You will learn about diversification, one important technique that stock traders use to maximise their returns while making sure that they don't risk too much. You will also catch a glimpse into Standard & Poor's 500 (SNP500) stocks, which are from the biggest companies in the world in terms of
market capitalisation.

What will you learn

What is this 'Micro-Learning Course' about?

This course provides insights into the types of barriers in staying focused and effective strategies for managing interruptions, distractions and procrastination.

Who is this course designed for?

  • Individuals who wish to want to be more productive with the hours they work

  • Business professionals of any age

  • Employers who want to wish to improve the productivity of their employees

What will you take away?

  • Categorise barriers in staying focused;

  • Distinguish between necessary and unnecessary interruptions; and

  • Use strategies in managing interruptions, distractions and procrastination

Session Overview

  1. Before We Begin

  2. Barriers to Staying Focused

  3. Managing Interruptions

  4. Managing Distractions

  5. Managing Procrastination

  6. Assessment

  7. The Finish Line

Curated by NUS

Advanced Computing for Executives (ACE) was established to help Business Leaders to learn about emerging technology and how to harness them for digital transformation and business competitiveness. Emerging technology includes Financial Technology (FinTech), Blockchain, Regtech, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, among others. Participants have the opportunity to interact with our world-class faculty of leading researchers and practitioners and network with other business leaders.

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