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Sustainable Building Design Principles

Sustainable Building Design Principles MLC by Temasek Polytechnic
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This Course is part of an Accredited Suite by Temasek Polytechnic

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Sustainability is the future. It's critical for us to design using sustainability principles. The question is: how can we build in more sustainable ways? This mobile course will equip and empower you to not only understand sustainable building design principles, but also give you a chance to develop your own strategies. This is a must-have course for anyone in building design as we all need to play our part to protect our environment.

What will you learn

What is this 'Micro-Learning Course' about?

This course explores the emerging concepts and philosophies of sustainable design; and its relevance to the built environment. It explains the importance and urgency of sustainable design by contrasting it with the current wasteful and thoughtless practices that lead to detrimental effects to both humans and the environment. To add pertinence, the course explains the concepts within the Singapore context.

Who is this course designed for?

This course is suitable for anyone who is interested in building designs and how they work. But more importantly how they should work in a sustainable manner.

What will you take away?

By the end of the course, you will have learned the basic principles of sustainable design, identified some strategies and altered your perspective of how buildings play a major role in our lives, and are one of the linchpins in the fight against climate change.

Session Overview

  1. Before We Begin…

  2. Subject Overview

  3. The Trouble With Buildings Energy, The Building's Lifeblood

  4. The Singapore Perspective

  5. How Do You Decide?

  1. The Sustainable Decision Model
  2. Sustainability 360°
  3. Cost, Schedules & Quality
  4. The Human Factor
  5. The Ecology
  6. Sustainability Strategies
  7. Sustainability Benefits
  8. Summing It All Up
  9. Sustainable Design Principles Quiz

Complete the Full Accredited Suite

Learners who complete the two courses will be eligible to apply for admission for the part-time Specialist Diploma in Energy Management & Sustainable Design program in Temasek Polytechnic. Upon successful admission, they will also be granted Partial Exemption in the Sustainable Design module.

Note: Partial exemption can be granted in the form of exemption from theoretical lessons and/or test components.

Sustainable Building Design Process
Temasek Polytechnic



Learners' Review

"I’m able to explored in deep about the sustainable building design through this program and became fully aware that increasing the efficiency of resources used in sustainable building design will reduce the impact on human health and the environment for the entire lifecycle of the building."
- Tan Ai Nee
"This program gives the learners a more holistic view on sustainability design explaining how we can better use of different factors to improve on various aspect for living in the future. What is remarkable about this course is the mobility and informative for busy individuals that can utilise their free schedule to understand more of what sustainable design is about."
- Ivy Chua
"It helped broaden my knowledge in engineering. With the explaination given, it is easy to understand. I enjoyed it very much."
- Mohammed Sofian Zainal Abidin
Accredited by Temasek Polytechnic

Beyond their core business of conducting full-time courses for students, Temasek Polytechnic is also committed to the practical re-skilling and professional development of adult learners. They believe in helping individuals and organisations equip themselves with the necessary skills to meet the challenges of a dynamic economy.

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