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High-Impact Innovation: 30 Creative Leaders Who Built Tomorrow



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How can we create big value again with innovation, and what will humans do, anyway, in the age of robots? We’ll cross the boundaries we’ve set up – boundaries of industry, field, nation, and more – and create the radical, novel, and unexpected.

But how? Just as nuclear fusion produces massive energy from combining two nuclei, a Fusion in business, technology, and the arts can release massive value –creating whole new companies, industries, and human capabilities. These 30 “Fusioneers“ have done it. Their stories are here, with a framework and insights, so more of us might create more good in the world, as they have – with Fusion.

What will you learn

What are these 'Micro-Learning Courses' in the suite about?

Fusion 1 introduces you to what we believe is the "next wave" – high-value lateral innovation. As the first part of a 7-part suite, you'll learn why it's important, high-level concepts, and a few tidbits we thought were especially interesting and useful.

In Fusion 2, we share with you the stories of 6 world-class lateral innovators – who they are and how it happened. They illustrate Outward Openness – the first part of the Fusion model of lateral innovation. Each story concludes with questions to help you develop your own outward openness. Are you open to the next step?

In Fusion 3, you’ll learn about the lives and innovations of 6 people who illustrate Inward Openness, the second part of the Fusion innovation model. Each story concludes with questions to help you explore your own inner design. What will you discover about yourself and your own creative mission?

Fusion 4 shares with you the lives and creative journeys of 6 “Fusioneers” who collected an eclectic array of knowledge, skills, people, and more into unique mental workshops (part three of the Fusion innovation model). Each story concludes with questions to help you craft a new educational journey for yourself. What will you collect? What will you create out of your own unique workshop?

In Fusion 5, you’ll learn about the lives and innovations of 6 creative leaders and how they see the world differently (part four of the Fusion innovation model). Each story concludes with questions to help you see differently, too, and spot opportunities others miss. Where will you go? What will you see?

In Fusion 6, we share the lives and journeys of 6 innovators who integrated a piece of this and a piece of that into a fusion that created radical value (part five of the Fusion innovation model). Each story concludes with questions to help you discover problems and pieces and consider how you might integrate them, too. Will you be a Fusioneer?

Fusion 7 “pulls it all together,” sharing with you what we learned across all 30 Fusioneers and their innovation journeys, most of which resulted in entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship. You’ll have a chance to pull your own pieces together into a new Fusion and evaluate whether it’s a passion, mission, profession, vocation, or “ikagai.”

Who is this course designed for?

  • Any INDIVIDUAL who would like to become "more extremely and uniquely yourself," create the future in ways that are powerful for self and others, and succeed in ways no one else can.

  • TEAMS & ORGANISATIONS that need to craft radical or high-value innovations across boundaries.

  • LEADERS concerned about declining returns on innovation efforts, uncertain about organisational survival in a disruptive world, who would like to lead the radical and new.

What will you take away?

  • A NEW MODEL of lateral innovation – useful both as an innovation process and as a framework to assess your lateral innovation capabilities

  • VALUE-CREATION EXAMPLES – lives saved, billions of dollars of savings/growth, and new products, services, companies, fields, and human capabilities

  • STORIES of leading lateral innovators – who they are and how it happened

  • Key QUESTIONS to generate insights and guide your journey

Suite Overview

  • Fusion 1: The Next Wave in Innovation

  • Fusion 2: Open Outward

  • Fusion 3: Open Inward

  • Fusion 4: Collect the Dots

  • Fusion 5: See What Others Don’t

  • Fusion 6: Connect the Dots – Create Fusion

  • Fusion 7: High-Value Creativity & Entrepreneurship

Curated by

Dr. CJ Meadows

DBA Harvard Business School, Director, i2i
The Innovation & Insights Center @SPJain School of Global Management

Dr. Meadows leads an Innovation Center at a Forbes Top-20 Global Business School, creating growth initiatives at the intersection of IT, business strategy, and design. She holds a Doctorate in Business Administration & IT from Harvard Business School and has over 20 years’ experience in Asia, Europe, and North America as a consultant, entrepreneur, dot-com builder, innovation lab co-founder, and Accenture IT & Business Strategy consultant. She is also Chairman & Co-Founder of The Tiger Center, a ground-breaking social enterprise in central India, and was a CPA and CMA. She has designed and delivered executive education independently and with top business schools like INSEAD, AIM, NUS, and SMU.

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