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Project Management: 20 Ways To Be More Effective

Project Management: 20 Ways to be More Effective MLC by Joanne Flinn - Author, Change Visionary, Keynote Speaker
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  • 317 min. of Experiential Content
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Need to manage lots of projects and getting overwhelmed? This 'micro-learning course' provides you with 20 ways that will help you be more effective on any project (what you need to focus on and who you need to do it with). The course includes things that grizzled old veterans wish they had learned early in their career!

What will you learn

What is this 'Micro-Learning Course' about?

This 10 minutes-a-day course covers the key elements of projects from three angles:

  1. What needs to be done (project management)

  2. What people are doing (change management)

  3. The big picture of what the project is trying to achieve (context)

It includes things that grizzled old veterans wish they'd learned early in their career.

Who is this course designed for?

If you are a new comer to projects or an experienced project manager, this course is for you. It's all about effectiveness (what you focus on, what's happening and who you need to do it with). 

What will you take away?

This course will give you the insider story so that you can make sense of what's going on in any project (even if it occasionally seems crazy), so that you can ask the right questions, interact with peers, and deliver the quality and results wanted.

Session Overview

  1. The Project Has Begun!

  2. Expectations - What's Up?

  3. How Do We Get There?

  4. Are They Clear Yet?

  5. Getting Things Done!

  1. What I Wish I'd Known...
  2. Wicked Or Complicated?
  3. On The Journey?
  4. The Question Of 'WHO'
  5. Into The Danger Zone!
  6. You've Made It Here!
  7. How Far Can You Go?
  8. Let's Bust A Myth
  9. How To Make Things Real
  10. The Team Thing
  11. Time: Going Deeper
  12. Constraints: A Secret Power
  13. When Backgrounds Differ
  14. Practical Matters
  15. The 3 Vital Steps

Learner Review

"Love the opening video. It immediately captures my attention & shows the instructor's genuine excitement in coaching and sharing her knowledge. I was already all excited to jump into the sessions within the first minute of her sharing. Awesome practical takeaways ! Thank you Gnowbe."
- Joy Teng
"Excellent overview of what and how to get a project through its life cycle. Great illustrations and insights on how to makes project and team click, as well as the taking care of the risks involved."
- Kim Song Lim
Curated by Joanne Flinn

Author, Change Visionary, Keynote Speaker

Author of ‘the Success Healthcheck’ (Wiley 2010), and editor of ‘New Eyes, the Human Side of Change Leadership’(2013), Joanne's expertise is the human side of change leadership, business transformation and program management.

Following a successful professional career on the DBS IT Exco and as head of the Financial Services Consulting Practice Group at PricewaterhouseCoopers (Thailand), she co-founded ‘The Change Leaders’ in conjunction with HÈC Paris and Oxford University UK to help organizations positively address the human side of change.

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