Battle of The Giants: Mobile Learning vs Online Learning 


So, which to choose? Which is better? What’s the difference between online and mobile-learning? These are the many questions you might be asking. In this blog post, we will be focusing on one key difference. 


Mobile Responsive vs Mobile-First

What even is mobile responsive and mobile first? It’s a new concept, so let’s break it down for you with a story. You’re feeling super stressed and burnt from the week and need to relax. You realize your favorite movie of all time, Avatar, has just been released on Netflix. As you watch it on your phone, on the way home, you look to your left and see a HUGE billboard. The theater is showing a re-run of Avatar, in IMAX! You suddenly receive a text from your friend wanting to treat you to watch it. Wow, talk about coincidence! Today must be your lucky.

If given a choice, would you continue watching Avatar on your phone or in IMAX?


If you picked the phone, we should get coffee and evaluate your thought process! The majority would choose IMAX because watching Avatar on your phone does not do the movie any justice. Want to feel like you’re in Avatar? IMAX can provide that in-depth experience for you. Your phone, on the other hand, is merely responding to its best capabilities. The most you can do is connect your phone to a speaker, but you still won't be experiencing the full potential of Avatar. It's almost pathetic. This is what we call, mobile responsive.


Now imagine another scenario. Imagine being only able to access Instagram on the smart TV. You start giving it big swipes and scrolling through your feed, clocking in your workout for the day. You then decide to post an Insta story. Try doing it! Going through all that trouble all for the name of Instagram? It’s not worth it. You would rather whip out your phone and capture that moment quickly. It's just simple. How about going on vacation and bringing your smart TV on the plane. It’s just not feasible because Instagram is not designed for the TV but the mobile phone. This is what we called, mobile first.

The same illustration can be used for learning! Most online learning platforms would claim to be on mobile but are actually mobile responsive. You can access content on mobile, they say, but you’re not going to get an in-depth experience because the user interface was not designed for the mobile.

A mobile responsive experience is designed for the desktop but adapts to the mobile phone. For example, a high-resolution image may appear beautiful on a desktop, but for smaller screens, the quality may be affected. Online platforms like Udemy, Lynda,  designs content for mobile as an afterthought, hence the end user experience on mobile devices becomes diluted.   

Here's an example. Ever logged onto a website on your phone? Imagine zooming in and out just to navigate through the website. Oh, the pain and torture! How do you expect to be engaged on a platform that limits you in every aspect? Why not experience learning that is designed for you.


In contrast, a mobile first platform like Gnowbe is designed for content to fit the small screen perfectly. This results in a superior user experience not only on the phone but across smartphone, tablets, desktops, etc. If you are going to start learning anytime, anywhere, why not experience the power of mobile-learning on Gnowbe? We guarantee you will not look back at any other online platform again because learning on Gnowbe is that much fun. 

Let's start dreaming again. Imagine learning a skill anytime, anywhere, while getting the best learning experience you deserve. 80% of learners on Gnowbe have noted experiencing significant behavioral change. Imagine actually finishing your online course and really putting your skills into practice. Pick your online course and start learning on mobile today. Browse our library of 60+ courses! 

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