A Curator's Perspective into Micro-Learning

Our world races at breakneck speed. We rush to and fro, with the occasional breather before we rush to cross off another item on our to-do list. If we’re lucky, these breathers are just long enough to squeeze in some time for us to learn something new. Enter micro-learning.

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Nigel Karl
The 6 User Personas

Micro-Learning courses were designed for busy people to upskill 10 mins a day, anytime, anywhere on their smartphones.  We have identified 6 users who will benefit from taking an MLC. Do you fall into these categories?

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R Deborah
What is Mobile, Micro-Learning?

The reality is, we are all busy. Too busy to learn the things essential for us to stay relevant. Learning specialists are beginning to understand that adults are just not able to set aside time to learn. 

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